We've Got 9,900 Problems, But 10,000 Drops Ain't One

The world’s greatest bar trivia is coming to one of Minnesota’s most historic towns.

10,000 Drops Craft Distillers will start serving our trivia on Dec. 13th in their gorgeously-restored 19th century building in downtown Faribault, located right next to F-Town Brewing.

You can literally smell the rich history when you walk in the door (it’s a wonderful smell, btw), and your pants will be figuratively charmed off when you set eyes on their cocktail room.

And these folks have concocted some lovely cocktails, made from their quality whiskeys and rums (and eventually their bourbons and aged rums, which are still incubating). We highly recommend the Basito and Rum Forest Rum.

They also have shuffleboard and board games galore for those who need layers of competition atop their trivia.

Grab a basket of free popcorn, or order in from local restaurants, including Godfather's Pizza -- who are hooking up the team in 1st place at the half with a free large 1-topping pizza!

Trivia at 10,000 Drops Craft Distillers

Every Thursday at 7pm – starting Dec. 13

10,000 Drops Craft Distillers

28 4th St. NE

Faribault, MN

Wet Your Whistle @ Little Thistle

In the words of the immortal SNL character Stuart Rankin, “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!”

Well, Rochester’s Little Thistle Brewing Co. certainly has a lot of Scots blood flowing through its veins, and the only crap you’ll find is the kind your trivia teammates will give you for flubbing up the Image Round.

That’s right -- Trivia Mafia is adding a third jewel to its Rochester crown. Come play the world’s greatest bar trivia every Wednesday night at Little Thistle starting this week!

This family-run gem is family-friendly, dog-friendly and beer-snob friendly, so bring your thirsty loved ones and that well-behaved pooch of yours named Alex TreBARK.

They create some wonderful craft beers here, like the malty “The Doug” and the hoppy “Stratagalactica.” You can also order in from a nearby eatery or grab a bite from a food truck on site.

They also have shuffleboard tables and games galore, including the Nintendo and arcade varieties.

And Little Thistle is located off the Cascade and Douglas trails, so it’s a great destination for Rochester’s discerning cyclists!

Trivia at Little Thistle Brewing Co.

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm – starting Nov. 28

Little Thistle Brewing Co.

2031 14th St. NW

Rochester, MN

♫ And I'm Thirsty Like The (Blue) Wolf ♫

Brooklyn Park -- y’all ready for the world’s greatest bar trivia?

Catch us weekly at Blue Wolf Brewing Company starting at the end of the month!

This cozy taproom is just our style, and so are their bonkers beers, like the Monkey Toes American IPA or I Dream of Creamy cream ale.

Players can enjoy table service from Broadway Pizza next door, or get delivery from a slew of other nearby restaurants. Pretzels, beef sticks and popcorn are on-site, too, for all your munching pleasures.

You can also keep up with all those darn sports you’re all sporty about on their four big screens, or be your team’s jukebox hero. (Just go easy on the Foreigner tunes, especially “Jukebox Hero.”)

Come join the Blue Wolf pack with host Tom each and every Thursday night at 7!

Trivia at Blue Wolf Brewing Company

Every Thursday at 7pm – starting Nov. 29

Blue Wolf Brewing Company

8515 Edinburgh Centre Dr.

Brooklyn Park, MN