Trivia | w/ Josh

Josh is a self-proclaimed nerdy lumbersexual 90’s kid and proud of it. He is often found wearing either a
red flannel or some pop culture t-shirt, with a video game hat on, and drinking some local beer. Besides
spitting out clever trivia, Josh also enjoys performing in varies bands, trying his best at video games, and
playing fetch with his cat. Come out to either Old Chicago or Bogart’s in Apple Valley for good times,
great food, better trivia, and a personality that cannot be beat. #soulskater
Also Hosts @ Bogart's

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14998 Glazier Ave
Apple Valley, MN

About the Bar /

Each Wednesday you'll find an $8 burger + fries special, as well as a huge and fresh assortment of great beer on tap. And this site has intimate hosting - no straining to hear a PA, because Josh will come right to your table to read questions.