Trivia | w/ Colin

Colin is a mild-mannered desk jockey by day, and transforms into an equally mild-mannered dog father by night. His nerd quotient is boundless, but mainly on non-nerd stuff like soccer (up the Loons) and craft beer. Swedish Fish are both his greatest weakness and his source of strength. His wife will give him free to a good home, and will pay you to take him to a bad one.

You can find him on Twitter as @theattachment, on Instagram as @colineodonnell, and babbling on about soccer on the Two United Fans podcast.
Also Hosts @ Piper's Coffee & Burger Bar

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9462 deerwood ln
maple grove, MN

About the Bar /
OMNI serves up several varieties of lip-smacking craft beer. They also sport a great patio,  and they always have a food truck at the ready. Oh, and if you come on down early before trivia, get your shuffle board on!