Trivia | w/ Chloe & Kate

Indecisive except when it comes to sour beers and The Office. Terrible at gardening, but average at doodles. They said I needed a third sentence. Possibly a fourth.
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A new transplant to the Twin Cities, Kate is excited to show off her smarts and her enunciation skills as a trivia host. She's going through a Hamilton phase right now, but she promises to tone it down while DJing. In between rounds, talk to her about books, beer, and any cute dogs you've recently seen (pictures highly encouraged).
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7721 147th St w
apple valley, MN

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They've got great burgers, steaks, pasta, sandwiches -- and one mean pork schnitzel. And if you don't save room for their homemade desserts, there's no saving you. And Sunday has ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR!