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Over the past decade-plus, Trivia Mafia has grown into running nearly 150 events every week in four states. We’ve shown up at the Minnesota State Fair, the Minnesota Orchestra, and your company holiday parties; we’ve added regular theme nights. But we know that we couldn’t do all this without our amazing players. Which is why, every year around this time, we like to take a break from the IOQ to ask you fine folks what you think about us.

So tell us: On a scale of one to awesome, how awesome is Trivia Mafia? And how can we make it even more awesome?

Once you complete the player survey, you’ll be given a secret code-phrase. Write that in the IOQ blank for your extra point!

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2017 Player Survey Results

In September 2017, we invited all players to answer 20 questions about themselves and about us. These are the results, helpfully transformed into graphs, charts, and bubble quotes. Thanks to everyone who shared their time and thoughts! We’re able to stay awesome with your help.