juNE 13, 2019


“The OFfice” trivia

SOMETIMES WE START A TRIVIA NIGHT, AnD WE don’t even know where it’s going. We just hope we find it along the way.

OMG it’s happening. Everybody stay calm. We are pulling together two hours of the best questions we can create, ten of the finest images, and many, many quotes. We can’t promise JELL-O molds or mini-cupcakes, but neither will we prevent you from bringing them. We’re also into all your personal theories about Creed. [looks at camera, whispers: NOT REALLY.]

We have a lot of questions. Number one: how dare you?

Bring your Jim, your Jenna, or your Karen (#teamkaren), your beet expert, your Stanley, your Phyllis. Kelly’s fun but sometimes you have to tune her out. Probably not Toby.

No more than six players per team, so if you really want to win the Dunder Mifflin Olympiad, you better tell Angela to study up so you won’t miss out on that golden yogurt lid.*

June 13, 2019 - times vary by location

56 Brewing (NE Mpls) - 7pm

Jack Pine Brewery (Baxter) - 7pm

Pantown Brewing (St. Cloud) - 7pm

Pizza Lucé (Duluth) - 9pm

Utepils Brewing (Bryn Mawr Mpls) - 7pm

Wooden Hill Brewing Co. (Edina) - 7pm


Tickets required to play
. All members of your team must have a ticket. Unless tickets are sold out, limited number will be available at the door of each venue.

Big prizes for the top three teams, including CASH and GIFT CARDS. Plus other fun theme prizes for the best-dressed and most creatively named teams!

*Yogurt lid medals with paper clip chains not guaranteed for every site.



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