Number 12 Cider Is Number 1 In Our Book!

Minnesota’s largest cider house RULES, and you can now play the world’s greatest bar trivia there every Wednesday evening! (And sans Tobey Maguire, unless he just happens to be in town and shows up!)

Number 12 Cider in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood serves up 16 varieties of cider, including some non-alcoholic and non-bubbly ones, with apples sourced from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa farms. And all that fantastic cider goes down so well in their big and inviting communal space.

And to the gluten-freebirds out there, go ahead and savor each cider, and every bite of Little Tomato woodfire pizza, whose truck is always on site -- serving 10 kinds of pie that can all be made GF.

Let’s review: Lots of amazing cider, amazing trivia, no Tobey Maguire, amazing pizza, amazing fun times!

Trivia at Number 12 Cider

Every Wednesday at 7pm – starting Feb. 27

Number 12 Cider

614 N. 5th St.

Minneapolis, MN

Take A Houlihan's Holiday Every Wednesday Night!

Richfield is fast becoming Trivia Mafia’s favorite suburb, and we’re about to debut our weekly quiz at a spot packed with richness.

Catch us every Wednesday night at Houlihan’s on 66th & Lyndale! They whip up fresh, made-from scratch wonders, including big salads, jambalaya, and their “Meatloaf No. 9” (NOTE: Don’t make a joke about Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5” to your server, unless you’re planning to tip well over 25%). And with vegetarian and gluten-sensitive menus, they literally have something delicious for everyone.

Their drink menu also dominates, with handcrafted cocktails and mocktails, plus their marvelous mini-martini flight.  And once trivia is done, stick around for their 9 p.m. happy hour, featuring drink specials and smaller portions of their dynamite appetizers for $5 -- and full portions for just $7 & $9!

Get your trivial kicks with us off Avenue 66 starting this week!

Trivia at Houlihan’s

Every Wednesday at 7pm – starting Feb. 20


6601 Lyndale Ave. S.

Richfield, MN

A Long Time Ago (Now) In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Albertville)...

“Greetings, Earthlings. We come in peace. We only seek to destroy you in trivia, and perhaps Skee-Ball.”

Trivia Mafia is coming to Space Aliens Grill & Bar next week! That’s right, folks -- there’s a place off I-94 by the Albertville Premium Outlets called “Space Aliens,” and to say it’s “out of this world” would be a cliché … a wonderfully-accurate cliché!

If you’ve always wanted to visit Pizza Planet from “Toy Story” but couldn’t because it’s not real, you’re in luck! Complete with a sick game room, red vinyl booths straight outta the pizza paroles of yore, and a guy in a big alien suit -- we’re absolutely in love with this darn place.

They have a stellar menu, including kickin’ BBQ, loaded baked potatoes the size of a dwarf planet, and “Martian Munchies.” (Yes, they DID discover stoners on Mars, but the government doesn’t want you to know!)

Also during Tuesday trivia, buy an adult meal and get a kids pizza for $1.99, plus 10 free tokens!

Beam yourselves up to Albertville for the galaxy's greatest trivia night!

Trivia at Space Aliens

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm – starting Feb. 19

Space Aliens Grill & Bar

11166 CR-37

Albertville, MN