last fridays, 6pm

Trivia | w/ Chris

Chris is a world traveler that remembers everything trivia related, especially that band who plays that song. You know, the one with the other song too. The quickest way through this rough exterior would be with food and cuddly animals, especially tacos and puppies.
Also Hosts @ Angry Inch Brewing
Twitter: @meotto
Instagram: @meotto

second saturdays, 6pm

Trivia | w/ Andrea

Andrea is an improv comic, director, movie lover, home brewer, and stereotypical suburbanite. She also met her fiance through hosting trivia, so there's hope for other trivia fans and hosts out there.
Twitter: @thepirateandy
Facebook: ThePirateAndy
Also Hosts @: Carbone's Pizzeria

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910 Montreal Circle
St. Paul, MN

About the Bar /
Enjoy your favorite farm-fresh Summit beers in their spacious beer hall, and then brace yourself from some farm-fresh trivia action!